En-Co Software Kft.

Since its inception in 2008, EN-CO Software Ltd. has grown into a 60 employee organisation dealing with personalised software development. We believe that proving quality service to our customers is the key to success. We have significant references.

Thanks to our wide portfolio we are able to deliver solution for challenging tasks in several areas. Our portfolio contains web based technology, desktop application, mobile applications, AR technology, industrial pattern recognition/image processing, voice recognition. In order to deliver high quality UX&UI we have our designer team. The wide portfolio can perfectly be utilised for IR4.0 projects where involvement of several areas is needed.

Outstanding attention is paid by our team for preparation phase of the projects. The base of the successful project is the well-considered specification. The specification has to be clear for the developer team and also for the customer. Experience shows that the high quality preparation of the projects is very good investment and pays back taking into account the whole project

Our team of highly qualified professionals have access to the latest technologies in software development. Our aim is to deliver IT solutions that serve our clients’ individual needs. It is proven that the best investment is to provide quality service on competitive conditions. We are proud of long term customer relationships. Also we are proud of that companies find us with their projects based on recommendation of our satisfied „ambassadors”.

The IR4.0 process is ongoing and expected to reach higher speed. It will represent significant challenge for manufacturer and IT experts. Would be useful to start the preparation in the earliest timing. If somebody is not able to keep the speed of the development will have to bear the risk of losing position.

We are looking for co-operating partners for successful project or tenders in Hungary or in the international markets. We are also looking for manufacturers who realised the importance of IR4.0 but need expert partner to help in doing the appropriate steps and who can deliver the expected development and service.

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