KPMG Advisory Ltd.

KPMG is present in Hungary since 1989 and is one of the leading audit, tax, legal and advisory firms.

The KPMG network is present in more than 155 countries with over 174,000 professionals. In Hungary the KPMG has more than 1,000 employees split into KPMG Hungária Ltd. (audit services), KPMG Advisory Ltd. (tax, legal and business advisory services). These KPMG entities serve national and multinational clients, government bodies as well as foreign investors.

The KPMG Global Services Hungary with headquarter in Budapest delivers services for more than 35 countries for multinational companies.

Our aim is to provide complex and clear business solutions to our clients facing a challenging economic environment. KPMG delivers industry-specific services to the representatives of the following sectors: financial, government, infrastructure, energy, industrial- and consumer markets, info communication, real estate, tourism and health.

KPMG is convinced that in the age of technological changes the economy is facing both challenges and opportunities such are: new operating models, info communications technologies, innovative solutions and new partnership. We are prepared to be the strategy partner of every client who needs our high class professionalism and the global knowledge of KPMG.

At KPMG our aim is to help companies in achieving their operational excellence by using the best practice of Industry 4.0 solutions. KPMG professionals possess the knowledge of turning a next generation operating system into opportunity for our clients. According to this we compiled a group of professionals who are committed to help building the next generation of smart factories.


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