Magyar Innovációs Szövetség

The Hungarian Association for Innovation as a professional and employer's business federation focuses its activities on the economy stimulating role of innovation corresponding with the objectives of its member companies.

Membership of the Hungarian Associaton for Innovation is restricted to legal entities (corporations, business entities, research institutes, universities, sole proprietors etc.) only.

The Association intends to promote the creation, spread, transfer, adoption and the practical utilization of intellectual products so that the performance and the income generating potential of the companies and the Hungarian economy should be increased, by making use of innovation the modernization and the development of economy as a result of it should be accelerated.

The objective of the Hungarian Association for Innovation is that in the course of research, development and design the ambition of permanent renewal should be a genuine resource for the Hungarian economy. 


1036 Budapest, Lajos u. 103.
+36 1 430 3330