MAJOSZ - Magyar Járműalkatrészgyártók Országos Szövetsége

The Association of Hungarian Automotive Component Manufacturers (MAJOSZ) was founded in April 1993 as a civil organization for promoting the interests of Hungarian automotive component manufacturers.

At the date of its foundation, MAJOSZ had 22 members. Since that date the membership has grown to approximately 300, including about 90 service providers as supporting members. Considering the total number of 500+ companies active in this industry in Hungary, the Association directly represents the majority of the Hungarian automotive component manufacturers.

The primary objective of the Association is promoting the professional, financial and social interests of its membership, operating in the industries related to manufacturing automotive components, and developing the overall image of these industries.

The Association is making efforts to support the members at the fields of technical development, commerce and finance. Improving competitiveness, providing business intelligence information to the members, developing business relations and expanding the markets are among priority issues.

MAJOSZ became a member of the European Association of Automotive Suppliers, that is CLEPA (originating from the initials in French) in the middle of the year 2000, and maintained its membership until 2013.

Besides the above MAJOSZ has cooperative or informational relations with about 60 automotive organisations from all over the world.

1135 Budapest, Csata utca 25.
+36 1 203-8144