Régens Zrt.

Régens is a tech company with deep experience and high-level expertise in software development, cloud and IT solutions, web and mobile development.

We have achieved outstanding success in the field of business, supply chain management and customs clearance. Currently over 100 clients use Régens’ software solutions, ranging from SMEs to Fortune 500 companies.

Our company headquarters are located in Budapest, extended with an R&D centre in Szeged and an office in London – providing physical proximity for our Western European clients.

We are continuously improving our innovation capabilities and following the current technological trends. We place great emphasis on our research and technological development projects at both EU and national level. In the last decade we have gained nearly EUR 4 million funds for our R&D projects. Our current research areas are data mining, data visualization, artificial intelligence, and business prediction solutions.

Our goal is to integrate industry 4.0 capabilities into our clients' activities, helping them improve productivity and drive their business growth. Through our process optimization, IT consulting and development services, we provide personalized IoT solutions and softwares to enhance our clients’ more efficient operation.

We have already established industry 4.0 solutions at our clients in the field of logistics by developing sensor-based collaboration platforms and ERP systems managing big amount of data and providing a secure way for data transferring between companies involved in SCM. Within our tender consultancy services, we are able to support our clients to gain tender sources for industry 4.0 solutions.

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