The Production, Logistics and Cyber-Physical Pilot Systems Work Group

Az I4.0 NTP Gyártás és Logisztikai Munkacsoportja

CPS are computational structures that are strongly linked with the surrounding physical world and the physical processes therein while providing and, making an intensive use of, the internet based services for data access and data processing. The cyber-physical production systems (CPPS) can be expected to pave the way to the 4th Industrial Revolution, often referred to as Industry 4.0.

Accordingly, the Production, Logistics and Cyber-Physical Pilot Systems Work Group concentrates on the implementation perspective of the Platform's two key topics, like

  • the digitisation of the Hungarian manufacturing industry as defined in the Government’s Irinyi Plan with the fundamental goal of creating a firm basis for future economic development and,
  • finding the right path of how to facilitate in the most efficient way both the introduction of the new technologies and the required dissemination of the culture and think patterns with respect to Industry 4.0.

To complete this task it is crucial to create I4.0 pilot systems for research, development, demonstration and education / further training purposes.

Some of the main objectives of the Work Group:

  • to assess the position and R&D needs of the manufacturing and logistics companies from the I4.0 perspective
  • based on this survey, the definition of the R&D&I focuses of the sectors
  • to specify the needs for new solutions regarding company management, production design and control, supervision and diagnostics
  • to compile the requirements in the areas of IT and communication and forward them to the ICT Work Group
  • to share the collected information on the training and education needs with the Employment, Education and Training Work Group
  • to promote best practice solutions and processes in the sector
  • to foster intensive progress in the I4.0 technological and application areas by producing proprietary results
  • to check to plausibility and viability of the ideas and initiatives coming from the members, especially from the SMEs
  • to validate the new solutions for compliance with the standards 
  • to establish and operate pilot labs for training and education purposes.

In conformity with the above, the Work Group

  • develops and performs internet-based surveys at the Hungarian manufacturing and logistics companies
  • evaluates these surveys by using appropriate methodologies
  • proposes action plans derived from the survey results
  • performs a matchmaking function among the manufacturing and logistics companies, the systems development organisations as well as the service providers in the ICT sector
  • contributes to the formulation of state grant calls aiming at digitisation and creation of I4.0 pilot systems
  • actively propagates and disseminates the best practice solutions
  • provides a benchmarking activity and in connection with this, becomes the founder of the Industry 4.0 Prize and manages the annual awarding process
  • collects and maintains a repository of information on the goals, structures, tools and usage mode of the existing pilot systems and labs operating abroad, with special focus to those in Germany
  • formulates recommendations as for the specific features of the pilot systems concerning location, business model, short- and medium-term operation mode, etc.
  • facilitates the creation and coordinated operation of pilot systems’ networks.