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The Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform was established under the leadership of the Institute for Computer Science and Control (SZTAKI), Hungarian Academy of Sciences, with the participation of research institutions, companies, universities and professional organizations having premises in Hungary, and with the full support and commitment of the Government of Hungary, and specifically that of the Ministry of National Economy.

The background of the initiative is that Hungary, too, is witnessing the advent of the era of a new technological change, when the internet based economy is transforming the very basics of the production and logistic systems. The theoretical and practical problems to be resolved are of such complexity that make the cooperation between the research and university spheres on the one hand and industrial companies on the other hand indispensable, both in the national and the international arena.

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Days of Industry
The Ministry for National Economy organises The Days of Industry 2018 Fair and Conference. You can read the Conference program here.
László Monostori, the Chairman of the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform has invited all officers and members of the Platform on the occasion of its first complete businnes year and its official transformation into the legal entity of an Association.
NTP Survey

We are still looking forward to completed questionnaires coming from our old, new and would-be members! 

The Platform has recently launched a survey campaign by a mandate of the Ministry for National Economy. Since the Questionnaire is available only in Hungarian please refer to the relevant page for further details.

Prof László Monostori, Director of MTA SZTAKI, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control (EPIC) participated at the international press conference held in Brussels the 23rd November, 2016, where the results of the ”Teaming” research excellence programme which is the most prestigious call of the Horizon 2020 Widening Programme were announced.

The second plenary meeting of the Industry 4.0 National Technological Platform was held on the 11th October, 2016 at the Head Office of MTA SZTAKI. For this occasion the homepage of the Platform was completed and presented which is complemented by a mobile application which can be used both in on- and off-line mode. The event which was awaited with great interest weeks before, and was attended altogether by 99 registered participants representing the 43 members of the Platform and their experts delegated to the 7 Work Groups.

The Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform has been recently established under the leadership of the Institute for Computer Science and Control, Hungarian Academy of Sciences and with the participation of research institutions, education institutions and companies having premises in Hungary.

Working groups

The Hungarian Industry 4.0 National Technological Platform operates several Work Groups in order to fulfil its mission defined in its Organisational and Operational Regulations. Their activity focusses on specific issues related to I4.0 and they formulate answers and recommendations to the challenges presented by the practice.

The participants of the Work Groups are delegated by their own organisation, members of the Platform and they represent special expertise in the given area. They work closely together with the corresponding governmental forums and bodies thus contributing directly to the formation and implementation of the Government’s strategic goals.

Currently the Platform has 7 Work Groups:



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