Global supply chains have shown to be not immune to COVID-19 and are putting many supply chain leaders under tremendous pressure. End-to-end supply chain visibility, working with business assumptions in demand and supply planning, inventory insights, and responsive manufacturing, as well as, logistics procedures are key to master today’s challenges. Join us and learn how SAP Digital Supply Chain technology can support you in driving purpose-driven change and building resilient supply chains – enabled by SAP and its partners!

The joined publication of the German Academy of Science and Engineering (ACATECH) and HITACHI Research and Development Group is now available for download on the Acatech website.

The document presents the outcome of a joined project between German and Japanese members on the topic of "Revitalizing Human-Machine Interaction for the Advancement of Society".


The event "The Days of Industry" will be organised between 14 and 19, May, 2019 on the Hungexpo premises.

On the first day, visitors may attend the joint conference of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology and the Industry 4.0 National Technology Platform Association with the main focus on artificial intelligence.

Members of the NTPA may register free of charge to enter the premises.


After two years we have closed down the questionnaire.  

We thank all our members non non-member partners who have completed it thus contributing to the targeted analyses to be executed. The results of the survey are summarised in the report available below.


Prof László Monostori, Director of MTA SZTAKI, Head of the Centre of Excellence in Production Informatics and Control (EPIC) participated at the international press conference held in Brussels the 23rd November, 2016, where the results of the ”Teaming” research excellence programme which is the most prestigious call of the Horizon 2020 Widening Programme were announced.