Pozi Technologies Kft.

Pozi is a Hungarian technology startup with 5+ years of development background targeting industrial
manufacturers to digitize their production logistics processes, resulting in significantly increased
efficiency and lower overall costs. We automatically identify and track-and-trace the position and
movement of production-related objects (parts, containers, inventory or vehicles) throughout their
supply chain lifetime, in real time, and help optimize the processes using proprietary algorithms.
Customers have reported efficiency improvements over 15-25%!
Our patented technologies utilize all currently available RTLS and identification tools (UWB, BLE,
RFID, IR, etc.), and we were amongst the first to use fog-computing approach in our architecture.
Pozi’s approach has been validated by several Global 50 manufacturers.

1222 Budapest, Gádor utca 153. Fszt. 1
+36 1 445 0111