Continental Automotive Hungary Kft.

Continental Plant

The Budapest Plant of Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. manufactures automotive electronic components and microelectronic circuit modules for the Chassis & Safety, Powertrain and Interior divisions of the Corporation as well as the leading car manufacturers of the world, using state-of-the-art and innovative technologies in almost every field of vehicle electronics.

The product portfolio of our plant includes products requiring special technological skills, such as electronic control units, drive systems, mechatronic systems, displays and infotainment systems. Continental has developed a key technology used as a basis for hybrid-drive cars: a control unit that is also produced in Budapest. Due to regular investment and development projects, the Budapest plant of Continental has become a high-tech manufacturing centre.

This is also one of the reasons why the Budapest Plant has won the prestigious Factory of the Year 2018 award in the category of annual net sales above 10 billion HUF. The company was also awarded the first place in the groups “Best production”, “Industry 4.0” and “Energy efficiency” by the judges.

With its 30 years of history in the automotive industry, Budapest Plant manufactures nearly 12 million products in an area of more than 16,000 square metres every year.

In May 2018, the Continental Deep Learning Competence Center has started its operation in Budapest, where we are developing advanced driver assistance systems for automated driving, thus contributing to the implementation of Vision Zero, Continental’s long-term strategy towards zero fatalities, zero injuries, and eventually zero crashes.

The main mission of the Budapest Deep Learning Competence Center is to develop algorithms, softwares and mathematical methods that open the way to the development of "Reliable Artificial Intelligence". It is important to us that the development of an intelligent product is done with scientific excellence, without the need for random attempts. A significant number of our colleagues are engaged in developing engineering techniques that are accessible to and acquired by any of the company's development teams, by understanding the latest scientific results.

With our automotive industry developments serving the sustainability of our environment and the convenience of people, we are drivers of long-lasting, positive changes.

We develop our plants, using the most modern equipment and principles, to improve our competitiveness and hold a leading position among automotive suppliers during the fourth industrial revolution as well. For this, on the one hand, we use robots in production which are able to work together with our operators without doing any harm to people or products. On the other hand, we develop software solutions which, making the work of our engineers and managers easier, provide them with adequate information they need in an instant.   


Continental Veszprém

The Veszprém Plant of Continental Automotive Hungary Kft. has been in the region since 1993. The number of employees is more thousends and is one of the biggest employers of the county.  Our plant with its Engineering Centre is of a strategic importance in the life of the Continental Corporation. We use various investment projects as well as technology and product portfolio expansions to guarantee that we can always provide our customers with the best products and superior quality, thus ensuring a predictable living for our employees. 

 At our company, we produce various sensors of a high quality for safety components and systems for all the car manufacturers of the world. In addition to chassis, torque, camshaft and brake pad wear sensors, our product portfolio includes automatic transmission speed sensors, pedal angle sensors and chassis position sensors. Two of our most recent products are the third generation IBS sensor (Intelligent Battery Sensor), which provides information on the current and general condition of the vehicle’s battery, and the LIPS sensor (Linear Inductive Position Sensor), which monitors the distance travelled by the master brake cylinder when pushing the brake pedal.

Furthermore, we develop and test electronic brake systems – ABS, ESC – and their components in our Engineering Centre and on our vehicle test track. Our Centre is a full-scale project owner of ESC systems, including the coordination of other locations, e.g. the headquarters in Frankfurt, as a result, all the customers of Continental are fully and globally supplied from Veszprém. Our Sensor Development Team acts as a competence centre for designing intelligent battery sensors (IBS). The products manufactured in Veszprém are integrated into the cars of the most prestigious car manufacturers in the European, American and Asian markets and since 2013, our products have been making also the driving of commercial vehicles safer.     

Contact information of Budapest Plant:

1106 Budapest, Napmátka u. 6.

+36 1 881 9500

Contact information of Plant Veszprém:

8200 Veszprém, Házgyári út 6-8.

+36 88 540 100