Eltec Holding Kft.


The Eltec  has been producing wire harnesses and injection molded products for the vehicle and machinery industry since 1994. Production currently takes place over an area of 3,000 m2, employing a workforce of 120 persons. 95% of the products are exported to Western Europe. Over the years – as production was increasingly moved to Asia because of the  globalisation and other economic constraints – Eltec, aligned to global trends, and gained considerable expertise in the field of supplying small and medium-sized orders, characterised by a quick response time and a high degree of flexibility. The company currently uses 5,000 raw materials to produce about 600 different product groups, comprising a total of 12,000 different product types. The orders of key customers can be delivered within three days. Over the last years, the company portfolio is extended with airplane, military and railway industrial components. 80% of the company’s production equipment is computer controlled, including the plastic molding equipment. Besides these, Eltec uses casting robots, ultrasound welding equipment, automatic bandaging machines and axial winding equipment in production activity. The technical data on the cables and connecting elements are indicated using inkjet marking and laser pointers. Eltec developed an electronic testing equipment by taking customer requirements into consideration. All products of the company subject to complete electronic testing,including examining the water resistance and the high voltage protective insulation.Engineers of Eltec have also developed special, custom-designed testing equipment, in accordance with special customers’ requirements. Raw materials, semi-finished and finished products are stored in computer-controlled, automatic warehouses. All items are identified by a unique ID. Registration and material movement are ensured by a barcode system from the time of arrival to the site until delivery to the customer. Traceability of the materials is ensured over the entire site area. The developed and intagrated software systems allow a cost effective stock management, production,quality assurance, and can provide a quick information to the customers and the suppliers as well. Reception of orders, shipping, invoicing, internal administration, document management and the internal and external communication are all managed electronically. The Eltec’s corporate culture is clean and simple. Our principle is:purshit of excellence, therefore the Eltec main goal is „ ZERO MISTAKE”

1106 Budapest, Tünderfürt u. 3-5.