EPIC InnoLabs Nonprofit Ltd.

EIL officeEPIC InnoLabs Kft. is a joint venture of SZTAKI and the Fraunhofer Company, which, relying on the decades of cooperation and experience of the two parent institutions with its excellent team of professionals, offers its customers world-class solutions in the field of production informatics.

Our mission is to help the process of the digital transformation and the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept with our research, development and consulting services.

What are these services?

1. Industry 4.0 strategy consulting and training

  • Digitization developments are based on knowing where we are (I4.0 maturity survey) and a strategy based on the results
  • Consulting and research projects
  • Tailor-made training and education


2. Digital manufacturing solutions

  • Analysis and optimization of production and logistics processes
  • Exploring the relationships between material and information flow, comparative studies
  • Detection of existing bottlenecks or unused capacities


3. Production planning and scheduling

  • Mapping of existing enterprise information architecture (ERP, PPC, APS and MES)​
  • Select and implement target software(s)


4. Industrial data analysis ​

  • Big data based production optimization
  • Data analysis-based troubleshooting and maintenance planning


5. New generation robot and sensor systems ​

  • Design, build and validate unique, experimental robotic solutions
  • Creation of a robotic digital twin model (s)


The result of our industrial digitization projects is that our customers can produce more, better, cheaper, so the efficiency of their activities is significantly improved.

The practice-oriented research background enables us to create a special and unique service, which is justified by a rapidly expanding reference list with more and more foreign partners.

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