Pannon-Pólus non-profit Kft.

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The Pannon R+D+I+O Cluster, today called the System Science Innovation Cluster was established on 15 December 2006 with the participation of 6 founding members. Our company, the PANNON-PÓLUS non-profit Kft. has been operating as a management organisation of the Cluster. The Cluster uses the Systems Science Innovation Centre ( partly owned by the Local Government of Balatonfüred as its place of operations.

Still valid today, the founders of the cluster formulated the mission of the cluster as follows:
‘The Founders create a cluster to ensure sustainable development and competitiveness, create an innovative and knowledge-based economy, strengthen businesses’ income generating capacity, develop business infrastructure and services, strengthen cooperation among economic players and research sites, promote utilisation-oriented research, development and innovation, apply research results and create value chains in order to create higher added value and higher quality products and services.’
Ensuring a new generation of professionals and up-to-date knowledge on a constant basis as well as the conscious improvement of corporate R&D potential are of utmost importance for growth potential also for the members of the Cluster operating in the Systems Science Innovation Centre. 

In collaboration with the Electrical Engineering and Informatics Department of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics, the institutional education and training model adjusted to secondary and higher educational needs serving as a basis for our strategic cooperation has been established and the related training programmes and materials as well as incentive methodologies have been developed within the framework of the TÁMOP-4.2.1/D-15 grant project. As part of the project, specific professionals training programmes (intensive trainings) have been implemented. For the achievement of the aforementioned goals, an SME Competence and Knowledge Improvement and Professionals Training Centre has been established in Balatonfüred in cooperation with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics and the Local Government of Balatonfüred.

These efforts are closely related with the Industry 4.0 human resources development strategy.

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