Our mission: Automation and system integration on „top level", tailored to the needs of our Partners.

Since its foundation, SCADA Ltd. has been living in the world of IIoT and BigData, from whatever direction we look at its activities. As a system integrator for automation, process control and plant information systems, it has been installed remarkable systems in many industries over the past 20 years.

In the field of process control systems, the collection, storage and processing of the increasingly complex data of process measurements and measurement conditions are well-known. Intelligent transmitters and valves have been developed. There are many types of field wired and wireless digital communication networks.

As OSIsoft’s System Integrator Partner: In addition to the connection between the process control and enterprise information systems, the “PI System” provides unified data collection, 10-year data archiving, data transformation to information, and day-to-day decision-making visualization that meets the user's actual needs. The user – with appropriate authorization –  can access the information he needs, anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Innovation in the intelligent devices, systems and systems integration is a top priority. The goal is the applicability and the optimized usage.

In the machine & factory  automation, there is a great interest in our industrial computer unit “BI-Box” under development, which can connect the sensors on production machines and the machine controllers directly to the ERP/BI/MES systems.

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